Bristol University Internal Tournament

The Bristol University Internal Chess Tournament will be starting next Wednesday (2nd December).

The tournament will follow a world cup-style group stage followed by knock-out format. It will not be a true knock-out tournament as losing a match will mean you match someone else who also lost a knockout match.

The tournament will be played on, and one match will be played per week. Each match will consist of a 10+5 rapid game, 2x 3+2 blitz games and a 1+0 bullet game. The rapid game will be worth 2 points (1 for a draw) and the blitz and bullet games will be worth 1 point each (1/2 for a draw). Whoever wins the most points will win the match, and if there is a tie, an additional 1+0 bullet game will be the tie breaker.

The matches can be completed at any time in the week, from Wednesday to the end of the following Monday. The pairings for each round will be posted by Tuesday afternoon. The tournament will be resumed for Christmas and will be resumed after the January exam period.

The sign-up sheet can be found at:

Making a account is free and take less than 5 minutes. The deadline for entries will be next Tuesday (1st December) and the round will start once the groups and pairings are finallised.

Hope to see you there,

Alex Vaughan

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