Despite Everything, Thursday Lichess Tournament

Our second social Lichess tournament took place yesterday, probably surfing in on the success of Netflix shows.

I don’t have Netflix

Sign up to our community on lichess ( and come say hello to other chess players at the university every Thursday, 7pm to 8pm. There was even some educational chess played.

Both sides had under 15 seconds left to make all their remaining moves. Understandably, White takes a pawn but accidentally goes into a drawn ending. 51.Rxf6 (51.h4 was better to take on f6 next move with the bishop) 51…Rxf6 52.Bxf6 Kd5! Ignore the b pawn, if Black can get rid of White’s h pawn then there’s no chance of losing. 53.h4 Ke4 54.Bg5 Kf3 55.Kb4?? Again, White blunders half a point with an incredibly natural move. 55…Kg4?? It’s Black’s turn. 55…f4! wins as White’s king is too far away to ultimately stop the g pawn but neither side spots this with so little time. 56.Kb5?? Kh5?? 57.Kxb6 Kg4 58.Kc5 Kh5 59.Kd4 Kg4 60.Ke5 Kh5 61.Kf4 stalemate. Amazingly, White had no way to win the ending despite having the right coloured queening square on h8.

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