Bristol University Internal Tournament First Round

Thank you to everyone who signed up for the tournament.

The tournament will follow a knock-out format of quarterfinals leading to a final. However, there will still be games for everyone, regardless of whether you are in the running for 1st Place. There will be one round per week, and as previously mentioned, the game can be played at any time in the week, as long as I have the results the day before the next round.

The round structure is as follows:

Round 1 – Quarter-Finals – 03/12-09/12

QF1: Will Daniell – Alice Lampard

QF2: Franek Czaja – Gerasimos Kydoniefs

QF3: Ed Polley – Lim Deli

QF4: Henry Preston – Conor Newton

Round 2 – Semi-Finals – 09/12-16/12

SF1: QF1 Winner – QF2 Winner

SF2: QF3 Winner – QF4 Winner

SF3: QF2 Loser – QF1 Loser

SF4: QF4 Loser – QF3 Loser

Final Round – 16/12-22/12

Final – SF1 Winner – SF2 Winner

3rd/4th Playoff – SF2 Loser – SF1 Loser

5th/ 6th Playoff – SF4 Winner – SF3 Winner

7th/8th Playoff – SF3 Loser – SF3 Loser

When the pairings go up for each round, I’ll send an email to each player with contact details for their opponent. For the first round, I’ll send these shortly. If I have results early, I’ll send pairings and details for the next round as soon as I can. You can message the Facebook page directly with results or email me,

Good luck,

Alex Vaughan

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