Horfield C vs University A

Finally, the University had an away game within walking distance making it my job much easier. As a result, we had another strong team dispute only being played two days after a very tiring Winter Congress. We were honoured to have the newly crowned Bristol Champion playing and, as a special treat, Alex Belsley led the team on board 1. Clearly in good form, he clinically put away a slightly weaker Horfield board 1 player than usual.

Black’s opening had gone slightly wrong and White has all the pressure. Can you play like a Bristol Champion and spot White’s next move? Answer at the bottom of the report.

This added to the point that Dan Varney had scored early with a very quick attack in the Smith-Morra gambit with smothered and back rank mates forcing Black to resign not long into the game. 

It was a pleasure to have Alice Lampard back in the team after come time away to focus on studies but based on her game, she has not lost her chess touch.

This was followed up with wins by Daniel Savidge and Andrew Porter, the latter is having an amazing performance for the first team! In what is become a polite tradition, the team was unable to get the clean 6-0 sweep. I was fortunate to escape with a draw after losing a pawn and even any possibility of attacking compensation after a one move blunder. Perhaps the Congress was affecting me more than the other players. Remember, the clock is a weapon!

Our next game is away at Cabot A, second in the league. A win here and we are almost mathematically certain to be promoted back to Division 1!

Horfield C 0.5-5.5 University A

Nigel Pollett 0-1 Alex Belsley
Tom Holmes 0-1 Daniel Savidge
Piotr Zielinski 0.5-0.5 Ian Gallagher
Prakash Chatterjee 0-1 Alice Lampard
Mike Jennings 0-1 Daniel Varney
Kana Balasubramaniam 0-1 Andrew Porter

Puzzle solution: 22. Rh5! The rook cannot be taken due to 22… gxh5 23. Qxh7+ Kf8 24. Qh8 mate but after 22… Qf6 23. Qxh7+ White has won a pawn and the attack continues.

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