University A vs Bath B

Bath B had done the university a big favour the previous week defeating one of major rivals. However, in doing so they themselves became one of the major rivals to the promotion chasing pack. There were the only team so far to take a match point off us this season and were becoming the Manchester United blip to our Liverpool dominance so far.

University A put out a really strong performance winning the match very comfortably in the end. Well done to everyone that played and thanks especially to Jovin Halim who captained both the A and C teams that night. First away game of 2020 is at Clevedon C next Wednesday.

University A 5.0-1.0 Bath B

Daniel Savidge 1-0 Clive Walley
Alex Belsley 0.5-0.5 Christian Brown
Ethan Luc 1-0 Peter Dimond
Daniel Varney 1-0 Mauro Farina
Dorian Schiefer 0.5-0.5 Edoardo Mancini
Aaron Kelly 1-0 Graeme Lane

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