University A vs Clevedon B

After the relaxing Christmas break and a less-relaxing exam season, University A played its first game of 2020. Having given up a few games, the University was only just top of the division joint on points with Thornbury and Cabot on game points, so it was important to make those extra matches count after a break. A win for Clevedon would put them back in the hunt for promotion so we were expecting a tough game.

Daniel Savidge scored a quick win to start 2020 off with a bang against Max Walker, who had recently performed well at the Bristol Blitz. Here is his game with a few of his notes horribly paraphrased and taken out of context:

I returned from my lovely day out in Bath, I can highly recommend the Grayson Perry exhibition by the way, the match was 3-2 to the University with Ethan finishing his game with quite the crowd. Two pawns up in a rook endgame, Ethan got more than the draw needed to win the match. A close battle.

University A 4.0-2.0 Clevedon B

Daniel Savidge 1-0 Max Walker
Alex Belsley 0-1 Matthew Wilson
Ethan Luc 1-0 Andrew Chapman
Dorian Schiefer 1-0 Stuart Iles
Alex Vaughan 0.5-0.5 Chris Strong
Andrew Porter 0.5-0.5 James Beardwood

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