Uni B vs. Cabot, or Stan’s misplaced mixtape

When setting up to host our opponents, we were greeted left and right through the halls and corridors of the Richmond building with sweaty dancers preparing for a performance. We did not think much of it, and set up as usual. Newcomer Oscar Brod stepped up from the C team, and Stan came out of retirement for a go on board 1.

Around thirty minutes into our games, an alarm goes off. We all looked at each other, shrugged, paused our clocks, leaving behind our boards, pens and pints. As we huddled through a desolate staircase outside, we were forced to loiter, surrounded by a large crowd of students.

After half an hour, Stan confessed he had dropped his newest mixtape! No doubt this explained the performers in the corridors, and the fire drill. Ultimately we had to reschedule to the next week… and as per Murphy’s, Sod’s and Cole’s Law, the building reopened as soon as Cabot left, netting some half finished beers and ball point pens.

Unfortunately, none of the games were all that interesting, and I have taken the executive decision to omit all of them.

Perhaps startled and thrown off from last week’s disruption, we won with an impressive result of 5.5-0.5!

The exciting B-Team (Best Team) Saga continues…

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