University A vs Grendel A

They say that life is too short for chess, but that is a problem of having to make corrections to academic papers rather than memeing about the University chess teams. I think it was Garry Chess that said that although I’m unreliable and giddy that I’m writing something that isn’t going to be peer reviewed.

With that in mind, there is finally time in life to write a match report for the last University A match, which has nothing to do with the fact that tonight’s match reminded me that I hadn’t written up the previous one. Sorry Grendel, it’s nothing personal. Being two weeks’ ago my memory is a little hazy, but it was a professional performance from the University, winning with White and drawing with Black. Stan and Kevin won to give us an early lead, the former staying alert in a won position to avoid a cunning trap, and Kevin winning smoothly constantly ratcheting up the pressure until breaking point.

With these points safely in the bag, the three Black draws arrived despite there being plenty of play in the final positions. You may not like it, but this is what peak team chess performance looks like. I just had enough chess after 17 moves and I’m pretty sure James was still in theory. That left Dan facing off with his frenemy Jerry, although I don’t like the ratio of friend to enemy in that portmanteau. Anyway, Dan got his revengemy and won a pointless, pointless game with respect to the match situation. I had left before the end, so I assume they started wrestling afterwards. Again, my memory is hazy…

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