Clifton A vs University A

On Tuesday had a tough match against Clifton A, although the captain showed the rest of the team how it’s done with a smooth victory.

Not to be outdone, the president Tom won albeit somewhat fortuitous again to give him a five out of five start to the season. A while later, the bottom two boards finished in draws to give the university at least a drawn in the match. All that stood in the way were the two IMs on the top boards. James did even better than just a draw to beat his titled opponent in a game he is so proud of, he even let me show off some of his preparation.

This sealed the match for the university, but only took a small amount of thunder from Zachary who managed to hold his own game against his IM. This left the match at 4.5-1.5 to the university with three wins and three draws, possibly the best performance by the team so far. This victory put us back to top of the division based on points scored and sends a strong message. GM Wells better watch out!

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