Downend A vs University A

A delayed report as I was away for the biggest match of the season so far. Thanks to Dan for getting most people to write a snippet about their games. I can only assume that Tom’s rivalry with Aron has gone beyond words.

Not much to say about my game, reached an equalish endgame straight out of the opening and agreed to a draw – Alex

Steve played a typical pawn sacrifice out of the opening, but with accurate play James prevented any attack from materialising. Steve attempted to create an imbalance in the position but after a strong f5 break, the position clarified with James having the superior pieces while maintaining the extra pawn. A mating attack was quick to follow. – Third person James

What started off a fairly level-ish game could have easily petered out when a draw was offered on move 14 by A. Tyson. With boards elsewhere looking shaky, Dan declined the draw and threw his kingside pawns down the board. Things were looking good but one incorrect move allowed A. Tyson to play a winning tactic which removed any threat to the black king. – Dan

20.Rf2? 20.Qh4 offered much better attacking chances although it often feels impossible to mate when Black keeps the fianchettoed bishop. 20…Bxe5! 21.Bxe3 dxe3 22.Qxe3 Bd4 Black has the better pieces, more material and a weakened king to target.

An aggressive attacking gambit opening where white got compensation as black couldn’t seem to break open the position and had to wait for white to move. A mistake made by me unnoticed by black allowed me to have a slight advantage which led to a winning endgame for me; however, I messed up under slight time pressure and a draw followed. – Varney

My game wasn’t very good, played into a bad position that just got worse, confounded by time trouble, and then I lost. – Fergus

Me thinking of my favourite chess bois while forced not to play in the match.

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