University A vs Downend C

A quick update after a postponed match last week and a game I was unable to attend yesterday. Ethan very ably stood in as captain and we had new recruit, Alex Belsley, making his debut for the team. After a not totally convincing opening game of the season against Downend’s D team, perhaps their C team felt they had a chance of getting a good result.

However, this was not to be for them, and the university put in their most convincing performance of the season so far, sending a message to the result of the league. Alex Belsley started off in style with a quick win against Jack Tye, who previously played for their D team, so perhaps they were struggling to fill a team. The finish was especially picturesque.

Mate in two

Next game is away at Keynsham A on 14th November.

University A 5.5-0.5 Downend D

Daniel Savidge 1-0 Dave Tipper
Alex Belsley 1-0 Jack Tye
Dan Varney 0.5-0.5 Aaron Saunders
Ethan Luc 1-0 Richard Livermore
Marc-Antione Campana 1-0 Grant Daly
Alex Vaughan 1-0 Elmira Walker

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