University A vs Cabot A

Thursday night saw University A’s first home game of the season and we put out one of our strongest teams in years after the return of Ethan and another new player, Dan Varney, adding a lot of grading points to the side. Despite the extra strength, the university never seems to do anything the easy way.

The two new Dans had some interesting openings facing a Lisitsin Gambit in the Dutch and attempting a Morra-Smith Gambit in the Sicilian but that was sadly refused. This is style of chess I like to see. Ethan was welcomed back to competitive chess with a gambit in the London System that I don’t think he will be keen to try again any time soon.

University quickly got into a 3-0 lead with Marc-Antoine, me and Ethan winning in a sharp Winawer French, h4 Trompowsky and a miracle respectively. However, Philipp’s and Dan Varney’s positions were not looking so hot. Philipp a pawn down with no compensation and Dan with a queen for two rooks and a bishop. The other Dan (I’ll try not to pick teams to make match reports easier to write) had a safe looking draw on the board so we were still looking good to win.

However, in the end it wasn’t necessary. Philipp went down as expected but Dan Varney managed to trick his opponent in his time trouble, promoted a pawn and won with two queens versus two rooks and a bishop. Dan Savidge’s game did finish in a drew giving a comfortable look to the final score.

Next game is away at Clevedon B on Monday 21st October.

University A 4.5-1.5 Cabot A

Daniel Savidge 0.5-0.5 Lewis Turner
Ian Gallagher 1-0 John Guilfoyle
Philipp Prasse 0-1 Juan Mascanano
Dan Varney 1-0 Alan Papier
Ethan Luc 1-0 Tim Jones
Marc-Antoine Campana 1-0 Alastair Marston

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