2nd Autumn Bristol Rapidplay

The 2nd Autumn Bristol Rapidplay tournament was the day after the chess club Halloween social and only three players felt brave/stupid enough to do both. Kudos to Taran Jina who especially came to Bristol to take part in the two events. The two University players were paired in Round 3 with an interesting side bet on the game.

As a result of this loss, Jonas had to play his last round game in his Beth Harmon outfit, which he just happened to have with him. Personally, I think he was enjoying it too much and was a natural twiddling his long hair. It certainly improved is play putting on quite a show for the last game of the tournament to finish, refusing his opponent’s (correct) claim of a threefold repetition before underpromoting to a knight to finally make the draw. He should play like this more often.

Jonas Harmon or Beth Zurba?

There were many other incidents including Jonas winning a game from a lost position after claiming for two illegal moves, something we have previously seen at the British Championship Weekend Open. If you are interested in playing tournaments outside of the league, these events are very convenient being located near the university. Next up is the Bristol Spring Congress at the end of March 2023, www.bristolcongress.co.uk.

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